Elbee Bad – In the Sky

Somewhere up in the sky… That’s the spirit, good and bad, for legends and other space-cowboys. The Space for Original Characters like Elbee Bad, who did his thing back in New York in the 80ties with his early House EP on Nu Groove- with just a big Bang and Elbee was there, from the very beginning to now.

By now he lives and works in Berlin and yet remained a true school house pioneer that even DJ HELL couldn’t resist to capture his talent for a retro-perspective release of his on “International Deejay Gigolo” & peepz like Matias Aguayo and his Cómeme-Posse recall on him.

On this 5th Yore – strictly limited – onesided release, the „Prince of Dance“ presents the Soundtrack for all forthcoming mars-missions & delivers the welcome theme song for all the
phreaks in space and time. “In the Sky” is House music with a 100% lift-off guarantee, how only a true veteran can do. Beam me up Scotty, I control your Body!

YRE-005LTD / 12 inch record
Release Date: 26.07.2011

Elbee Bad - In the Sky (Limited / One-sided Vinyl)

12″ Vinyl

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Elbee Bad - In the Sky (320Kbps MP3)

320Kbps MP3

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